Meet the Team

Nea Zoi consists of a bunch of sub 30 Women who got together one day and decided to do something a little different. Coming together from different walks of life has greatly contributed to the personality and ethos of our brand. As a startup, titles don't really exist for us, but we have given defining our roles a solid go!  

Hope you enjoy! 

NZ xx



Amalia Stavreas 

Founder and Creative Director 


Our founder Amalia grew up in the jewellery industry, but left to pursue a career in physiotherapy. Growing up in Canberra, Australia, Amalia made the move to Sydney where she studied and worked as a Physiotherapist for 5 years. 

Getting the call to come home, Amalia returned to Canberra in 2015 to help in her family's jewellery stores. Travelling to New York to study diamond grading and jewellery design, Amalia returned to complete her MBA in 2017. Leaving for a much needed holiday, Amalia found herself immediately inspired in the search for 'something more'.

That 'something more' became our Nea Zoi. 

Amalia has always been passionate about restoring and protecting our oceans, and ocean wildlife. As such, Nea Zoi's charity efforts are focused mainly at ocean conservation, particularly coral reef restoration. 

Amalia operates chiefly as our Creative Director, but also our chief coffee maker. 



Mystara Holweg

Senior Designer 


Mystara was born in Tasmania but moved to Canberra as a youngster to finish school. As she will tell you, school was only saved by art classes which gave her an outlet for her creativity. 

On leaving school Mystara pursued a career in Makeup Artistry. She's pretty damn good too! We have all used her with the brief 'make me look like I've slept more than 5 hours this week'. She's practically a magician. 

Mystara ended up training with Amalia in Jewellery Design from 2016 onwards. Developing her love for jewellery design and gemology, Mystara was one of the founding members of Nea Zoi ,contributing to our marketing, design, PR and keeping Amalia alive. 



Stephanie Francis

Senior Designer 



Steph was born in Brisbane in 1990. Travelling around Australia with the Army, her father was finally posted to Canberra where Steph completed high school and college. 

Developing a love for all things beach, ocean and water came early to Steph in life. As a young child growing up in Queenscliff, Victoria, Steph's Mum Cathy would drop her off (at her adamant request) to the local Marine Centre on the weekends.  Falling in love with all things 'marine-biology' Cathy came to pick Steph up one day and found her leading a tour group around the Centre (she was 6 at the time). 

After this, Cathy decided to get Steph into swimming and volleyball, both which she ended up competing Nationally in during her teens and early 20's. 

Stephanie ended up working in jewellery in Canberra with Amalia in 2014, where she developed a love of jewellery and jewellery design. Training in design, diamond grading and production technology, Steph joined the Nea Zoi team in 2018 as one of our Senior Designers. 

Steph's love for the ocean has never weaned, especially her love for sharks. As one of our core team members, our conservation efforts largely focus on raising awareness for shark conservation because of Steph's input! 



Jemma Mrdak - @astylishmoment

Social Media and Marketing Genius 


You may all know Jem under another name - @astylishmoment. 

Jemma has been featured on the Today Show for her inspiring and brave talks about OCD and overcoming adversity. At a tender age, Jemma has conquered the social media world with her fantastic blog and social media pages. If you haven't checked her blog out, do it! Her write ups are honest, inspiring and fit the ethos of Nea Zoi to a T. 

Jem joined the Nea Zoi team in 2017, coming on board to help us develop a social media campaign through her company Dak & Co. 

Although her main role is marketing, Jem contributes to Nea Zoi as a Campaign Director, PR Advisor and all round energiser. She is our cheerleader. 


You can contact Jem via her website -



Elise Wilson - @_elisewilson

Brand Ambassador 


Born and raised in Canberra, Elise spent a lot of time growing up on family holidays in the South Coast of Australia. A self confessed water-baby, Elise has always felt most at home in or near the ocean. 

Hugely accomplished in the Australian sporting world, Elise has represented Australia twice for touch football, currently playing for the Sydney Roosters in the NRL Touch Premiership. 

One of our favourite things about this gorgeous human is her consistent efforts to improve the life of others around her both directly and indirectly. A constant participant in local community and charity events, Elise has repeatedly participated in specialised Touch Football programs, training people with special needs in the sport. She is passionate about all things inclusion and empowerment. 

If we needed any more reasons to love our girl Elise, she is also a fur-mum to two gorgeous pups, Monty & Huxley. And anyone who loves dogs (and cats, all animals really) is right up there for us. 



Simona Razmoska - @simonarphotography

Campaign Photographer 


Another ocean soul, Simona joined the Nea Zoi team in 2017. On completing her Bachelor of Photography, Simona realised her aspirations of becoming a fashion photographer. 

Simona has been published in many national publications including the Sunday Telegraph, Miro Door, Big Ink Magazine and Yen Magazine online. With her love of high fashion, Simona has also worked for various brands at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, most recently working with Miro Door as their official photographer. 

On a personal note, Simona is not only a naturally gifted photographer, but all round beautiful human to work with. Incredibly zen, Simona has made a wonderful contribution to the Nea Zoi team. 


She can be found at -