Our Story

Meaning New Life, New Zoi was born from a brief cruise vacation to the South Pacific.We found ourselves sitting on the deck of the ship, overlooking the moon lit ocean, smelling the sweet sea air, and wishing we could just capture that exact moment in a mental camera forever. 
Months after this particular life changing trip, Nea Zoi was created to help others capture the memories, feelings and gratitude these moments create.
All of our pieces are custom made to order in solid 9ct gold (although we can organise additional metal karats for you!). This means each piece is carefully crafted and finished to make sure it meets our quality standards for ultimate long time wear. Because our pieces are solid, you can wear them wherever your journey takes you, doing whatever your future holds. 
When it comes to the photos of our pieces... well we do these ourselves too! Why you ask, would non-photographers take photos for their own website? Well, have you ever been perusing through a site thinking that all the photos look like computer aided drawings? Yea! We have too. We wanted to take our photos ourselves because if they can look this great with us taking them, you know they will look even better on you! 
Nea Zoi is 100% Australian owned and operated. We take a lot of pride in this. One of our goals is to generate enough profit to contribute to Australian charities focused on ocean and coral reef conservation. If you have any conservation groups you think make a difference in Australia, please send us an email! We would love to know more. 
Thank you for being a part of our Nea Zoi, and hopefully now yours too. We hope you enjoy your Nea Zoi piece as much as we enjoyed creating them.
From our team to you, with love.
Nea Zoi